Saturday, February 13, 2016
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About Healthy Concepts

Healthy Concepts Community Sunflower

Healthy Concepts is about helping you live a Healthy, Happy, Life.

The Healthy Concepts Sunflower shows you how.

You are becoming the gardener growing your own life!

You are cultivating your own garden and you need a support system.


Your support system is the Healthy Concepts Community.

By joining the Healthy Concepts membership, you become part of a community that will help you grow your Healthy, Happy, Life.

What does your Healthy, Happy, Life look like?

The key to a Healthy, Happyy, Life is to bring MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, & EMOTION into alignment.

With regards to MIND, our first sunflower petal is Goals & Mindset.

  • What are your weight loss goals?
  • How much weight do you want to lose? 10 pounds, 50 pounds or more?
  • How much is realistic for you to lose and keep off?
  • What can you do to stay motivated?

Next, we look at BODY: Ideal Shape

  • What is your Ideal Shape?
  • Do you need to lose weight?
  • Or do you need to maintain the weight you have already lost?
  • What does that look like in your world?

Then, we move onto SPIRIT: Tools for Healthy Living, Eating Healthy, & Weight Loss Tips

  • What form of exercise do you prefer?
  • How do you feel about having fun while you exercise?
  • What does your ideal diet look like?
  • Would you enjoy the option of making new recipes every day?
  • Did you know drinking ice water can help you burn extra calories?

Finally, we explore EMOTION: Success Stories

  • What does your success story look like?
  • How will you feel when you reach your goal?
  • Will you be proud of your accomplishments?

A gardener’s tool belt has places for tools that can help you cultivate your Healthy, Happy, Life.Throughout everything, you are looking to acquire tools to fill those empty places. 

Our Healthy Concepts Community is here to support you along your journey. The six sunflower petals give you the information you need to be successful.


Are you ready to start creating your Healthy, Happy, Life?



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