I ran into one of my old friends the other day and she asked me, “How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight?” For years, health professionals have been saying that the recommended amount of water that you should be having is eight 8-ounce glasses per day. She told me that she only likes ice water but her teeth start aching after 1-2 glasses. Enduring 8 glasses of ice water on a daily basis with sensitive teeth can feel like torture. 

If you do not have a problem with sensitive teeth, did you know that ice water can actually help you lose more weight than room temperature water?

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The article below suggests that your body burns 17.5 calories per 16-ounce glass of ice water by using energy to heat up the fluids as you digest. If you consider eight 8-ounce glasses per day, you can burn an extra 70 calories.

While this simple trick cannot replace any form of exercise or healthy diet, it is extremely simple to incorporate in your life. Every little bit helps when you are trying to lose weight.

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How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

How Much Water Should I Drink?

For as long as I can remember we have been told to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day — more if you exercise heavily but less if you drink other beverages frequently. That seems a bit outdated to me. More recently, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that men should consume about 3.7 liters (about 13 cups) of water daily and women should consume about 2.7 liters (about 9 cups).

During a workout or other physical activities, on hot or cold days, and owing to your weight and certain medical conditions, you may need more. The online daily hydration calculator is a great tool that calculates how much water you need by factoring in those criteria. I just used it to calculate how much water I need today. The result – 3.2 liters.

Here’s a tip: Drinking water doesn’t have to “taste boring.” Just stir up a pitcher of your favorite flavored water from these Drink Water to Lose Weight Recipes.

The benefits of this simple discipline are many.

Water for Optimal Health

Water is an energy booster, relieving the dehydration that makes you feel fatigued. When you are thirsty, you have already become a bit dehydrated. Dehydration also makes the body and mind feel stressed whereas 70 to 80% of your brain tissue is water.

Water helps to prevent muscle cramping and is a lubricate for the joints of your body. Water also hydrates your skin cells and gives your face a younger appearance. In addition, it is good for digestion and helps to keep your bowels regular.

As an added bonus, it has been proven that drinking water helps you to lose weight.

Water for Weight Loss

It has been shown that people who drink two glasses of water twenty to thirty minutes before they have a meal lost weight more quickly and lost a greater number of pounds then those who did not drink water prior to eating.

It was also discovered that people who drank water before meals consumed an average of 75 less calories over that course of that meal.

If this action were continued for one year, a person would lose 14½ pounds.

It has also been shown that being just 1% dehydrated causes a drop in metabolism that can interfere with weight loss.

The body has difficulty differentiating hunger from thirst. If you do not consume enough water across the day, thirst might be interpreted as hunger and more food will be eaten then is necessary.

Finally, drinking a lot of water to stay healthy during a fasting diet is essential. To learn more, read Fasting Diets and Weight Loss, Part 2.

Drink Iced Water for Maximum Calorie Burn

Calories can be used to define the amount of energy contained in food. Another definition for calorie can be the measure of energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius. Therefore, your body burns calories when you simply drink iced water.

Your body burns 17.5 calories raising the temperature of a sixteen ounce glass of iced water. If you comply with the eight glasses of eight ounces of water per day recommendation but drink iced water instead of non-iced water, you will burn 70 calories per day. Over the course of a year, the numbers will add up and translate into weight loss.

Read the Original Article Here:

How Much Water Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

While every extra calorie that you burn on a daily basis is significant, you may or may not be able to speed up your weight loss with this trick alone. You may need a little extra help. 

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