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There are so many reasons to lose weight. To look better, to feel better about yourself and to be more confident that you can actually achieve what you set out to do.

But the number one reason to lose weight is your health. You want to have a healthy lifestyle so you can live long enough to dance at your grandchild’s wedding, to gaze into more sunsets and to reach your fullest potential—and everything that goes with it.

At Healthy Concepts we understand.

We’re by your side every step of the way, bringing you all the tools, resources and inspiration you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Even if you think you’ve tried everything…even if you’ve lost hope. This is the place where you’ll find a real, authentic support system…a support system that will mean the difference between success and failure.

So take a look around. Browse the amazing weight loss tips, discover the delicious recipes and read the inspiring success stories. And to your right you really must check out all the wonderful products we have to offer here.

You’ll soon realize that this is not your garden variety weight loss website. Here at Healthy Concepts we consider you part of the family, and we genuinely care about your weight loss success and quality of life.

One of the best exercises you can do to help reduce arthritic knee pain. Read Dr. Andrew Weil’s comments.

Nothing worked for him until he got a Striiv personal trainer! My friend Bill has tried many weight loss diets, supplements, exercise programs and even personal trainers at the gym. The outcome has always been the same. He would loose some weight and feel good about himself while he was on the program. When he […]

How does weight loss effect different types of pain? “Lose weight:less pain” has become a hot topic of discussion these days. There are many benefits to losing weight. It not only improves your physical, emotional, and mental health, but also reduces different types of pain. My friend Charlie had many physical problems related to his […]

Poached White Fish, Phase 2 Recipes, Fish & Seafood

Crunchy Sweet Apple Chicken Salad, Phase 3 Recipes, Salads

Fennel Soup, Phase 3 Recipes, Soups   Print Phase 3 – Fennel Soup Recipe type: Phase 3 Recipes, Soups   Makes 1 serving (1 vegetable) Ingredients Fennel bulbs chopped (allowed amount) 2 cups chicken or vegetable broth (or substitute 1 cup water for 1 cup broth) 1 Tbsp finely minced onion ¼ tsp allspice seasoning blend […]

Cold Asparagus Salad, Phase 3 Recipes, Salads   Print Phase 3 – Cold Asparagus Salad Recipe type: Phase 3 Recipes, Salads   Makes one serving (1 vegetable) Ingredients 1½ cups asparagus spears 3 Tbsp lemon juice Fresh chopped mint leaves or parsley 2 Tbsp caper juice 1 Tbsp finely minced red onion Salt and pepper to taste […]

Coleslaw, Phase 3 Recipes, Salads   Print Phase 3 – Coleslaw Recipe type: Phase 3 Recipes, Salads   Makes 1-2 servings (1 vegetable) Ingredients ½ head cabbage 2 Tbsp lemon juice 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar ¼ tsp garlic powder Dash of mustard powder Salt and pepper to taste Stevia to taste Instructions Slice cabbage in […]

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Tony’s Success Story  Tony Parris ~   Tony’s Success Story. How I lost 26 pounds in 25 days.  I was fairly skeptical when I heard about the Healthy Weight Loss Concepts Diet for the first time. The idea of consuming so little calories per day made me want to disregard the whole diet without further research. […]

Success Story – Round 2  Tony Parris ~ A second round of the Healthy Weight Loss Concepts Diet was exactly what I needed to get rid of my remaining body fat. I went from 187 pounds to 170 pounds, losing a total of 17 pounds in the second round. Thanks to six years of dedication; […]

Sean’s Success Story Sean Parris ~   Sean’s Success Story – ”I used to be fat… Now I still am… But I am skinnier. I lost 20 pounds in 23 days. Two years ago my job required me to walk several miles a day. I was in the best shape of my life. Life was great! Since […]

Check out Josh’s Success Story!   Josh Radke ~ “Hello to everyone who is using the Healthy Weight Loss Concepts Program or contemplating trying it! My name is Josh Radke and I have been using the diet since February 19th, 2011. I was 290 lbs when I started and am now 234 lbs for a […]

Wendy’s Success Story Wendy Rodgers ~ “Last year when I decided it was time for me to do something really proactive about being overweight, I was really at the end of my choices. I had been to see my doctor because I was not feeling well. I was really tired all the time, my knees […]

Aimee’s Success Story Aimee Lindskoog ~ Aimee lost 60 lbs in 3 1/2 months. She went from a Size 18 to Size 4.  This is her Story: In 2010, something happened that I did NOT plan on…I got skinny (and healthy). I am 33 years old and have literally been overweight my whole life. The […]

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