Friday, April 18, 2014
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Are Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions Worth It?

Almost all of us make New Year’s resolutions. Some of us make weight loss resolutions and find ourselves feeling disappointed when we look back on the year to see our resolutions incomplete. New Year’s resolutions are little promises to yourself to better your life in the coming year…like getting a new job, changing a career, […]

Are Goals & Mindset Important to Weight Loss?

It is very exciting when you finally make up your mind to get serious about weight loss. From the start, you know how much weight you want to lose and have no problem imagining your future sexy body. Great, but how are you going to do it and where do you start? Most people do […]

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Do All Diets Take Into Account Your Body Type For Weight Loss?

Your body type seems to be a big thing these days with diets. The focus use to be about just being overweight, or the amount of fat on your body. But now, you are not just overweight. You are classified as a certain body type that closely resembles fruit, e.g., apple or pear shape. If […]

I Make Good Choices – Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

How many times have you felt deprived after doing that extra 15 minutes of exercise or choosing a healthy salad for lunch? You think, “I make good choices – why cant I lose weight?”  As you already know, the mind can trick you when it comes to weight loss. You think that because you did […]

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HCG Drops vs HCG Pellets – Which is Best for You?

When customers find out we carry HCG drops and pellets, they always want to know the difference between these two HCG products. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) drops and pellets are both sublingual and work the same way in your system. They both trigger the body to release stored fat as “food” to supplement a low calorie […]

Are There Health Benefits to Walking for Exercise?

It is no secret that exercise is beneficial to your health and that you should do some form of exercise for 20 – 30 minutes daily. Walking for exercise is one of the very best ways to accomplish that. It is agreed that it is good for you, but are there health benefits to walking […]

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Are Food Choices Enough When Eating Healthy?

Eating Healthy is not all about your food choices. The foods you choose play a large part in eating healthy, but there are other things to consider like food planning. Creating a healthy eating plan for yourself is one of the easiest ways to stay on track and achieve your goals. My cousin has been […]

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    Does Stevia Sweetener Help You Control Your Sugar Cravings?

    Have you ever been grocery shopping and could not resist picking up your favorite sweet treat? Cutting sugar out from your diet can be a tough battle and everyone loses from time to time. Those sugar cravings can be hard to control and substitutes don’t always work. SweetLeaf Stevia Liquid Sweetener does! Lexi knows first […]

    What Kind of Exercise will Reduce Arthritic Knee Pain?

    One of the best exercises you can do to help reduce arthritic knee pain. Read Dr. Andrew Weil’s comments.

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    Are All Amazing Weight Loss Before and After Photos Real?

    When you start your weight loss journey, one of the most important things to do is to take your before and after photos. Your before and after photos allow you to confirm your weight loss success and to show your progress to others around you. You want to do this before you start restricting calories, […]

    Real Amazing Weight Loss Before and After Photos?

    Television infomercials are notorious for their amazingly horrible before and after photos. If you have not seen one of those 5 minute abs workouts or hair growing commercials, you’re missing out. Anyone can tell when a before and after photo is real and when it is fake. What is the purpose of faking amazing weight […]

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    HCG Diet: Phase 2 – Coconut Recipes – Chocolate Coconut Freeze

    In the mood for a frothy drink with Coconut and Chocolate? It only takes a minute to whip-up this Chocolate Coconut Freeze recipe. Perfect for a morning wake-up or an evening dessert. Try this recipe and all of our other Coconut Recipes at Healthy Concepts.

    HCG Diet: Phase 2 – Lemon Recipes – Lemonade

    A refreshing Lemonade beverage with stevia helps curve your appetite and sweet tooth. Enjoy anywhere, anytime. Try this recipe and all of our other Lemonade recipes at Healthy Concepts.

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    HCG Diet: Phase 2 – Asparagus Recipes – Asparagus Casserole

    This Asparagus Casserole recipe definitely tastes better than it looks. Eggs, pureed asparagus, and spices make this fluffy green casserole a delight. Top with your favorite salsa or hot sauce for a breakfast treat. Try this recipe and all of our other Asparagus Recipes at Healthy Concepts.

    HCG Diet: Phase 2 – Spinach Recipes – Italian Spinach Frittata

    There are unlimited ways to create a fantastic egg dish but this is one of my favorite. This Italian Spinach Frittata recipe is made from bed of fluffy eggs topped with slightly crunchy, seasoned spinach. It is so easy to bake a single serving for yourself or a dish for the entire family! Try this recipe and all of our other Spinach Recipes at Healthy Concepts.

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    Phase 3 – Ground Beef Recipes – Italian Beef Bake

    I love this Italian Beef Bake Recipe. It is like a meaty vegetable lasagna minus the noodles. Be prepared to battle melted cheese strings with every bite.Try this recipe and all the other Ground Beef Recipes at Healthy Concepts.

    Phase 3 – Scrambled Eggs – Creamy Egg Delight

    This Creamy Egg Delight recipe is worth a little extra effort. Continuously stirring the eggs will create the fluffiest, creamy eggs you have ever had! Try this recipe and all the other Scrambled Eggs recipes at Healthy Concepts.

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